Software Explosion Oy was established 1994 and is now one of the leading software resellers in Finland. Our main focus is to provide our customers with as versatile service as possible related to software products.

  • consulting
  • solutions
  • sales
  • training

The company is financially sound and for that we have been credited with AAA-status from Dun & Bradstreet. At the end of the year 2005 our database contained over 14 000 individual customer records varying from consumers to major international corporations.


For years Software Explosion Oy has been one of the leading companies specialized in software license consulting and sales in Finland. The products we offer represent the best in business and the customer does not need to do time consuming research and analysis to select the most suitable tools. We have already done that!

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If you do not find the product you are searching for in our web store please contact us by phone +358 10 830 5600 or by email


TRAINING - Training has also been one of our service for many years. The content of our courses is always adapted to the needs of our customer. The courses are usually held in the customers premises therefore saving time and efforts of the customer.

LICENSE CONSULTING - Our company's  field of specialization is software licensing. The changes in products and the variability of volume licensing programs cause our customers a great deal of studying the license rules. We help and train our customers to keep their licenses up to date.


Software Explosion Oy

Address: Kypärätie 4
Zip Code: 40630
Country: FINLAND

tel. +358 10 830 5600

VAT ID: FI09883698




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Software Explosion Oy on ainoastaan ohjelmistoihin ja ohjelmistolisenssei- hin ja koulutuksiin keskittynyt yritys. Olemme toimineet jo vuodesta 1994 saakka ja henkilökunnallamme on erittäin vahva kokemus ohjelmisto- asioissa ja omaammekin useiden eri ohjelmistovalmistajien teknisiä ja lisenssisertifiointeja.

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