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Actian PSQL 12

Actian PSQL is the perfect solution for packaged business applications. It is one of the most reliable, low maintenance, high-performance database management systems in the world. Actian PSQL v12 offers important new features: Online Defragmentation, VM live migration support for all editions, improved Unicode support and an updated PSQL installer. Need an advanced PSQL reporting solution or the perfect start for analytics? PSQL v12 Server and PSQL Vx Server 12 both include a license for the Actian Analytics Platform for PSQL. The three editions of PSQL meet a wide range of business needs: PSQL Workgroup (1-5 users), PSQL Server (6-500 users) or PSQL Vx (unlimited users, licensed for SaaS).

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Actian PSQL 12 Workgroup 1-user ESD 124,00 €
Actian PSQL 12 Workgroup 3-user ESD 329,00 €
Actian PSQL 12 Workgroup 5-user ESD 549,00 €
Actian PSQL 12 Server 6-user ESD 1 589,00 €
Actian PSQL 12 Server 10-user ESD 2 336,00 €
Actian PSQL 12 Server 20-user ESD 3 990,00 €
Actian PSQL 12 Server 50-user ESD 8 399,00 €
Actian PSQL 12 Vx Server ESD


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