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Allegorithmic Substance -tuotteet nyt meiltä!

By Software Explos..., 04.12.2018 - 13:14

Allegorithmic Substance -tuotteet nyt meiltä!

Olemme tehneet jälleenmyyjäsopimuksen Allegorithmic:in kanssa joten jatkossa saatte kaikki Substance -tuotteet kauttamme.

Allegorithmic has been reimagining the process of texture creation since 2003. Today, over 95% of AAA game studios use Substance in their production pipelines, making Substance the industry standard for PBR material authoring. Substance is quickly spreading to the fields of VFX and animation, design and architecture, allowing a growing number of artists and designers to harness the power of rapid, efficient texturing and material authoring.

A comprehensive ecosystem

Substance is a unique, comprehensive ecosystem of tools and content, revolving around 3 major software components:

  • 3d painting software - Texture with brushes, masks and particles; render and export easily to game engines and portfolio sites.
  • Material authoring software - Author textures and materials using a non-destructive, node-based, procedural and scriptable workflow.
  • Image-to-material generation tool - Extract tileable PBR textures and generate normal maps.

      And 2 sources of pre-set content where you can find or share materials and assets:

      • Physically based material library - Substance Source is an ever-growing content library where you can find physically based, high resolution and tweakable assets for texturing.
      • Artist-to-artist sharing platform - Download and share community-created content under a Creative Commons license.