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ConceptDraw Pro 10

A world-class diagramming platform that lets you display, communicate, and present dynamically. Powerful enough to draw everything from basic flowcharts to complex engineering schematics. Live Object technology dynamically displays linked data. Compatible with MS Visio 2013 (.vsdx) files, making it the premier cross-platform diagramming solution. ConceptDraw PRO offers a professional set of drawing tools, ready-to-use templates, numerous object libraries, and a variety of custom printing and file export options. Furthermore, ConceptDraw PRO prepares and delivers presentations that include dynamic displays of linked data, thanks to integrated Live Object technology.

ConceptDraw PRO contains ready-to-use solutions for project management and corporate dashboards for business management and planning.

Drawing Tools
Create drawings and other illustrations using ConceptDraw PRO drawing tools, library objects, and sample documents. Then export your drawing to a variety of the most popular graphics formats, allowing you to exchange documents with other users and print on almost any standard paper size.

Diagramming Tools
Effortlessly create flow charts, schematics, and other diagrams with ConceptDraw PRO. Smart connectors change form as you rearrange your diagrams, enabling them to flow naturally around objects. The Clone Tool allows you to quickly add multiples instances of objects. Hyperlinks let you connect your document to external documents, folder, web pages, email addresses, and more. Rapid Draw allows you to efficiently create professional flowcharts, block diagrams, org charts, and other diagrams.

Libraries and Templates
ConceptDraw PRO templates and their associated libraries enable you to quickly get started making the drawing or diagram in the style you want. Library objects can be customized and saved for later use. You can customize the scaling, color, line weight, label, and even the fill pattern of an object to use in later drawings and diagrams.

Printing and Exporting
ConceptDraw PRO exports to most popular graphic formats, including Microsoft® Visio® 2013 (.vsdx) and PowerPoint® (.ppt), Adobe® PDF and SWF, as well as .svg, .jpg, .png, and more.

Display and Communicate
Create and format dynamic presentations, then collaborate with your audience to incorporate feedback on the fly. Use hyperlinks to quickly navigate to a different part of the presentation, an external website, or even open a separate document.

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