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GFI MailEssentials

GFI MailEssentials® offers comprehensive, configurable, multi-layered protection against today’s email threats. GFI MailEssentials protects your email network against email-borne viruses and other malware threats using advanced email filtering technologies and up to five antivirus scanning engines. With a spam capture rate of over 99% and minimal false positives, IT administrators can rest assured that company email is secure and spam-free. GFI MailEssentials puts control in the hands of the administrator and user, with a central, web-based email management dashboard, and email reporting tools.

GFI MailEssentials is available in three editions

  • UnifiedProtection Edition: Comprehensive server-based solution, that protects your network against spam, viruses and other email-borne threats.
  • Anti-spam Edition: Server-based anti-spam and anti-phishing.
  • EmailSecurity Edition: Multi-layered security against viruses and other email malware.

Features available in the UnifiedProtection and Antispam editions

  • GFI MailEssentials prevents loss of productivity by implementing multiple anti-spam engines to block spam quickly and at very high rate of accuracy.
  • Automatic whitelist updates based on outgoing mail recipients, domain names, email addresses and keywords.
  • Anti-phishing module that detects and blocks phishing threats by comparing email content with a constantly updated database of phishing URLs and keywords.
  • Hassle-free spam management - a SpamTag addon enables users to tag emails as ‘spam’ or ‘not spam’ direct from Outlook.
  • Users can manage quarantined spam without administrator intervention, and set their own whitelists and blacklists.
  • SpamRazer™ anti-spam engine.

Features available in the UnifiedProtection and EmailSecurity Editions

  • GFI MailEssentials uses up to five antivirus engines to scan inbound email which drastically reduces the average time required to obtain the latest virus signatures and respond to threats.
  • Includes VIPRE antivirus and BitDefender. The VIPRE engine utilizes an advanced technology stack to scan and analyze large volumes of information for malware threats in a short period of time with limited performance impact. BitDefender is a very fast and flexible antivirus engine that can recognize and scan a wide range of formats.
  • Kaspersky, Intel® Security (Mcafee), and Avira™ antivirus engines are optional.
  • Scans for trojans and malicious executables and quarantines any executables that perform suspicious activities, such as accessing a modem, making network connections or accessing the address book.
  • Automatic removal of HTML scripts to protect against attacks launched by HTML email.

Features available in all editions

  • Advanced content filtering
  • Full Unicode support
  • Control multiple GFI MailEssentials servers from the same console
  • Support for virtual environments.

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