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Marmalade SDK

The Marmalade SDK is a powerful cross platform tool that enables developers to deploy code across multiple platforms and devices from a single code base. Marmalade takes the pain out of cross platform development by taking care of the platform differences for you. At the core of Marmalade is the C++ SDK which provides developers with the maximum performance and flexibility. Marmalade Quick, Web Marmalade and Marmalade Juice all build on top of the Marmalade C++ SDK but provide alternative solutions for developers who prefer to use Lua, HTML or Objective-C.

How Marmalade works

Marmalade is a cross-platform native development environment, allowing you to code in C++ with full support for standard libraries and 3rd party extensions. You can then compile straight to native machine code, with no appreciable performance overhead. This has a number of advantages over the two most common alternative approaches to cross-platform development, native apps and virtual machines.

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