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O&O DiskRecovery

O&O DiskRecovery looks for and reconstructs data that has been deleted either inadvertently or as a result of software error. O&O DiskRecovery does this by searching for lost data through every sector of the hard disk or USB Stick with a fine tooth comb. Accidentally deleted files can be recovered directly from digital cameras, memory cards and USB Sticks. They must simply be supported by Windows as a drive.

A data recovery with the O&O DiskRecovery Instant Installation can be carried out without overwriting important data. Installation is done over a second computer, and the files are made available on a portable disk or in the network.

Data image inclusion:

Data images created by O&O DiskImage can now be included in recoveries for the very first time. To prevent a data loss through defective hardware, a forensic image can be created using the separately available O&O DiskImage. This comprehensive image also saves the (assumed) free disk space so that a full data recovery can be carried out later without touching the original hardware.

Differences between the various versions

The Professional Edition is particularly suitable for end users who want to save data on their own system. This is a computer-based license.

The Admin Edition may be used on any number of computers within a company by the licensed person. The Admin Edition is ideal for companies looking to recover data from their own computers and who want to avoid the expense of individual licensing.

The Tech Edition allows the use of O&O DiskRecovery on non-company computers. The licensed engineer can work on any number of different computers. The Tech Edition is ideal for companies that offer data recovery as a service to customers.

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O&O DiskRecovery 14 Professional Edition ESD 89,00 €
O&O DiskRecovery 14 Admin Edition ESD 335,00 €
O&O DiskRecovery 14 Tech Edition ESD 829,00 €

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