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Passcovery Suite

Passcovery Suite is a universal application that covers a large number of versatile formats from office documents to Apple iOS backup files.

High-Speed Performance
Optimized source code guarantees permanently high performance when running on any modern processor, whether Intel or AMD. When it comes to strong protection, the absolute speed performance cannot be so high, however Passcovery Suite steadily takes the leading position.

Acceleration on NVIDIA/AMD
Passcovery Suite uses NVIDIA and AMD video cards when attacking strong passwords, which significantly accelerates the password recovery process. The program engages all video cards available in the system.

Brute Force with Extended (Positional) Mask Attack
The option allows to configure characters sets individually for each position of the generated password and try only those passwords that meet the criteria defined by the mask. Cutting off unnecessary checks while searching for the password saves much time.

Mutation and Blending of Dictionaries
The option allows you to combine up to four dictionaries and change the generated passwords according to your customized mutation rules. The rules are defined with the help of built-in macro language implemented in the "Rule Editor" which allows to preview the changes as you go.

Configurable Attack Scenarios
Configure a chain of various attacks with customized settings and run them as one workflow. Scenarios are described in the form of text files. You can define scenarios of various complexity and enable one at the stage of selecting a password attack.

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Passcovery Suite Standard - 12kk vuokralisenssi ESD 185,00 €
Passcovery Suite Professional - 12kk vuokralisenssi ESD 275,00 €
Passcovery Suite Ultimate - 12kk vuokralisenssi ESD 370,00 €

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