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RubyMine is a dedicated Ruby and Rails development environment. The IDE provides a wide range of essential tools for Ruby developers, tightly integrated together to create a convenient environment for productive Ruby development and Web development with Ruby on Rails.

Key Benefits

One of RubyMine’s key advantages is its deep understanding of the Ruby language’s specifics, its dynamic nature, and code conventions. RubyMine performs a comprehensive analysis of project code and offers developers best-in-class code insight and code completion suggestions that no other Ruby/Rails IDE does. Based on its knowledge of the internals of the Rails framework, RubyMine provides a range of effective Rails-aware refactorings, which greatly simplifies making changes to the code.

JetBrains’ flagship product, IntelliJ IDEA, has always been highly praised for its web development capabilities, such as great HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing support. RubyMine builds upon these capabilities with its own amazing features for Ruby and Rails developers. Its web-authoring strengths are a great match for an easier and more productive web development with Ruby on Rails.

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