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Symantec Endpoint Security

Endpoints are a primary target for cyber attackers. As the consequences and resulting damage of successful attacks grow, many companies try to bolster their overall defense by adding multiple endpoint protection products. Unfortunately, this approach weakens an organization’s security posture.

Ponemon Institute found that organizations install, on average, seven different endpoint agents to support IT management and security.1 Each agent operates independently with its own console and set of rules and policies—all of which must be configured, rolled out, managed, and maintained. In addition to creating more IT overhead and costs, multiple products introduce defense gaps and errors, increasing the chances a threat is missed.

Prevention matters as global cyber threats are more aggressive than ever and can have a staggering impact on a business. In the time it takes you to read this product brief, an entire enterprise could be compromised. The NotPetya attack reportedly crippled one of the world’s largest shipping companies in only 7 minutes2, along with thousands of other organizations. It is critical to prevent attacks as early as possible as the detection and reaction window to a modern attack is very short. Investing in Incident Response is also critical for creating a hardened security posture to prevent future attacks. With Symantec, you can end the compromises. Why choose between the best security and the greatest simplicity when you can have both?


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